Regulating Heat Indoors With Ceiling Fans

Since the invention of ceiling fans about 150 years ago, many changes have been made to their designs and sizes. The basic function of a ceiling fan is to circulate air within the room and provide a cooling sensation for the skin. A ceiling fan’s blades control the movement and air speed within the room and they need to be of an appropriate size to handle the hot summers in Sacramento.

Choosing the right ceiling fan for your home

Even though most of you would like the ceiling fan to complement the house’s décor, you would also want it to be the right size and power to cool the rooms appropriately. Our trained and experienced Sacramento electrician are able to guide you through this search and help you choose an appropriate ceiling fan with the right size and design for all the rooms in your house. A whole-house fan, which uses powerful suction movement to remove the hot air from different sections of the house and replaces it with cool air from the outside, can also be installed.

Ceiling fan installation

For a ceiling fan to work to its maximum capacity, it should be placed appropriately in the room. You can call a Sacramento electrician to your home or office for a ceiling fan installation. The ceiling fan has to be lined properly to the ceiling and fitted up with the screws to ensure that it stays in its place even when running at full speed and does not shake or wobble unevenly. To ensure that the balance of the ceiling fan is maintained properly, the canopy section has to be mounted first at the time of installation and then the blades have to be fixed. For a quick installation, call our experts at AAA ES.

Should You Have Your Electrical Service Panel Upgraded?

Take Care of Your Home

Any faulty electrical system at your house should be immediately fixed, as delaying to do so could result in fatal incidents. It is essential to make sure all the electrical work at your home is done by experienced and licensed electricians. If you stay in Sacramento, there is little to fear as we at AAAES, provide the best services and licensed electricians seven days a week.

What are electrical service panels? 

It is always good to know the basics. The power from the electricity company’s line travels through a meter (which measures the amount of power consumed) outside the house and passes through a main disconnect switch before entering the panel. The panel may be of varying capacity from 60 to 400 amps. The panel breaks up the supply according to the circuit needs.

Need a service panel upgrade?

Many old houses would have low-capacity service panels of 60 or 100 amps. This leads to regular voltage drops when you try to operate devices that require more power. Regular voltage drops eventually damage sensitive electronic devices. For this reason, and to prevent electrical hazards, it is essential to upgrade the panel to higher capacities of 300 or 400 amps.

Cost of upgrading your panel is lower than purchasing a new one. Make sure you consult our experts at AAAES before you go ahead and upgrade your panel. 

Tips for Saving Money on your Electricity Bill this Fall

The need for heating your home increases substantially at the onset of fall. The wind begins to get chilly, especially in the late evenings and early mornings. This increases the use of heaters and surges the power bill, as a result. For this reason, electrical savings have become even more of a concern this season. Just as weather begins to get chilly, remember to have your heating system checked and serviced by a professional company. Sacramento residents can call AAA Electrical Services for expert advice on the same.

Tips to reduce your power bills

There are numerous ways to save money on your electric bill, even in the fall season. Some of them are:

  • Adjust your thermostat, keeping the changing season in mind. Having your thermostat set to the lowest comfortable temperature during the day goes a long way in keeping power bills low. During the nights, reset your thermostat between ten and twenty degrees. This will reduce your power bills by quite a lot.
  • Have your windows treated for sealing any leaks. Check for cracks in the glass or withering of the wood.
  • Keep your windows open when the sun is at its peak and let the sunshine warm your house. This simple act can help you increase your electrical savings dramatically.
  • Keep your fireplace packed when not in use. The chimney allows the cold wind to enter your home, and increases the need for indoor heating.
  • Check your water heater usage from time to time. Having your water heater temperature set to ‘high’ can increase power consumption. A medium temperature setting is advisable for the fall season.

Reasons to Have Your Electric Service Panel Upgrade

The importance of a functional and compatible electrical service panel cannot be understated. If you are planning to re-model or renovate your home in Sacramento, by installing electrical equipment like lighting or ceiling fans, something that you should consider is the voltage capacity of your home’s electrical system. A faulty electrical panel can not only damage sensitive electronic equipment over time, but can also increase the likelihood of electric shocks. In many cases, homeowners often ignore the benefits of an electrical panel upgrade, and instead opt to use multiple power strips and extension cords.

What does an upgrade offer

Before addressing the benefits of an electrical panel upgrade, it is important to note that in some cases, these upgrades may be deemed legally required, depending on residential codes and regulations. An upgraded electrical panel increases the safety factor, by reducing the likelihood of short-circuiting and voltage overloads.

If you are installing the latest electronic equipment like plasma TVs or dishwashers, an electrical panel upgrade can vastly improve the level of energy-efficiency that your home experiences. These devices often consume large amounts of electricity at unprecedented rates. The latest electrical service panels are able to manage and control the flow of electricity, reducing the risk of such electrical equipment short-circuiting or malfunctioning.

Installing an upgraded electrical service panel need not be an expensive endeavor either. Nowadays, there are a number of reputable companies in Sacramento that provide panel installation services at some of the most affordable rates. 

Remodel Your Home with Chandeliers

If you have recently purchased a residential property, or are conducting renovations to one you already own in Sacramento, why not consider installing a brand new chandelier to spruce up your home’s aesthetic? Chandeliers can add immense value to the overall look and feel of a home. Whether you hang one in your living room, or dining room, chandeliers perfectly blend functionality and design, when it comes to lighting up a home.

The many advantages of a chandelier

Many individuals view chandeliers only as a status symbol, refusing to acknowledge their functional component. Since chandeliers use multiple light bulbs, more often than not, they have the capacity to illuminate even the largest of rooms. Many of the latest chandelier models use fluorescent lighting, allowing you to save significantly on your energy bills.

Chandeliers bring out the very best in a room. For example, if you are an art lover, and have hung several paintings in your living room, chandeliers can be the perfect solution to highlight your artwork. Moreover, chandeliers need not only be hung in large rooms. You can even hang one in your own bedroom, and control the degree of luminosity. As such, chandeliers can provide soft lighting, as well as completely brighten up any room.

Apart from the aesthetic value it has, a chandelier can also help you save on lighting costs. Installing a chandelier will help you use space in the most effective way, without having to worry about different segments of a room being illuminated. Fortunately for you, there are a number of lighting install companies in Sacramento that provide fantastic chandelier models to choose from, inclusive of full installation services.  

The Benefits of Central air Electrical Inspection

The importance of yearly inspection of all electrical systems at homes and commercial buildings cannot be emphasized enough. A little bit of carelessness can lead to irreparable or expensive damage to people and property. A professional electrical inspection service company, like AAAES, will carry out a detailed investigation of your home or office in Sacramento. After evaluating the electrical wiring and central air conditioning system, the experts will suggest repairs or up-gradation if required. In both homes and offices, a regularly serviced central air-conditioning unit tends to be more energy efficient and also provides better air quality.

Whom to contact for Electrical Inspection

Whether you are planning to buy a home or have a house with erratic electrical plumbing, you will need a professional to understand the existing electrical wiring. Make sure you search for home inspectors in Sacramento area who have been certified by American Society of Home Inspectors. This professional association has set a strict code of conduct for members and has also defined standards and procedures for carrying out inspections of different kinds of properties. They carry out inspection of following aspects in both residential and commercial buildings –

  1. Heating

  2. Central Air Conditioning

  3. Electrical Wiring System

  4. Plumbing layout

  5. Insulation and ventilation

  6. Roof and structural components

Before finalizing an electrical inspector for your home/office find out if one or more inspectors will be arriving to carry out the task and how long these procedures are likely to last so you can plan your time accordingly.

The Importance of Smoke Detectors

According to the US Fire Administration, most fires take place in homes and other dwellings with no smoke alarms or faulty smoke alarms. Installing smoke detectors can alert you and your family in the event of a fire and increases your chances of escaping. Not many people in Sacramento may be aware, but California law requires single-family homes and factory-built housing to install smoke detectors. If you do not have a smoke detector installed in your Sacramento home, you could call in for the services of experts, like AAAES, to have a unit installed.

Install and test your smoke detector

Installing smoke alarms is not expensive. As such, alarms can be installed on every floor and preferably in all bedrooms and hallways. Make sure qualified electricians install the smoke alarms and that the alarms placed at appropriate height according to the manufacture’s instructions. It would be ideal if you can install smoke alarms that communicate with each other, and go off together in the event of a fire.

It is also essential to check if the smoke alarm is operational. Simply pushing the test button only lets you know that the alarm is powered. It would be ideal if you can generate a little smoke and introduce it to the sensor so that you can identify any malfunctioning smoke detectors in your home.

Maintenance of your smoke alarm

It is important to take care of your smoke alarm. After you undertake a smoke detector installation, make sure it is regularly maintained. Try and test the alarm every month and replace the batteries as and when required. Smoke alarms have a maximum life of 10 years, so replace your smoke alarms accordingly.

3 Common Electrical Problems and How to Solve Them

Rectifying electrical problems in your Sacramento home usually requires professional help. A lack of electrical maintenance may result in grave injuries for you. This is the reason why a little knowledge of electrical maintenance helps. The following electrical problems are very common and occur in every home with an electricity connection:

Non-functional electrical outlet:

The first step to rectify this is to see whether the other outlets in the vicinity are working or not. If they are not, then your whole house may be separated from the power grid. If the other outlets are working, the circuit breaker must have tripped for some reason. Locate your home’s electrical panel and check whether the switch is in “off” position. If it is off, press it on. If the problem is not solved, phone in a professional electrician.

Continuous tripping of the circuit breaker:

This could be due to the circuit breaker being overloaded. Switch off a few home electrical appliances and observe whether the problem persists or not. A thumb rule of electrical maintenance is to turn off electrical appliances when they are not being used. Do remember that the circuit breaker may also be tripped off by a short circuit. To avoid the specter of short circuits make sure that your pets not gnaw on electrical wires. Do replace frayed and cracked cords with new ones.

Flickering lights:

Ensure that the light bulb is properly screwed into the socket. The bulb should be the proper wattage of its socket. A wrong wattage may cause overheating of the bulb and may cause fire. If the bulb is properly screwed in its socket, then try a new bulb. If that does not solve the problem, then your house wiring is at fault. Call a professional electrician if this is the case. The best course of action to take in case of electrical problems is to call a professional electrician. There will be zero chance of personal and property injury if you do so.

Is Your Home Electrical System Safe?

Understand your home electrical system

Before we understand the need of electrical safety at our homes, let us understand how the home electrical system works. Electricity may be supplied to your home either through a series of outdoor power lines or through grounded electrical systems as seen for most homes in Sacramento. While electricity enters houses through an electric meter, it is distributed through the electrical service panel by way of the wiring system throughout the house. Service panels come with fuses or service breakers to protect the wires and circuits from overheating.

Avoid potential hazards

Once you’ve understood the basics of your electrical system, it will be easier to identify and avoid potential hazards. Different seasons can stress your home’s electrical system, especially if you have aluminum wiring or old fuse panels. Updating and inspecting the wiring system is important because any break down of wires can be a potential fire hazard. Maintain the electrical safety of your house by using the services of a licensed electrician instead of a do-it-yourself. Install smoke detectors in all levels of your house, especially in the bedrooms.

Warning signs from your electrical system

Brief all the family members about electrical safety and educate them on how to sense a warning sign of a potential issue. Look out for things like dimming or flickering lights, strange burning smells or a sizzling sound when you turn off or turn on switch lights and appliances. Also, if you experience shocks from switches or outlets, it’s a sure sign that something is shorting out. If your circuit breaker trips frequently, it’s a sign that it’s overloaded.

How Outdoor Lighting Can Enhance Your Home’s Security?

Outdoor lighting for any property has two important purposes – improve the aesthetic appeal of the property and boost security. As a homeowner in Sacramento, to quell all fears of security install outdoor lighting as quickly as possible. Conventional accent lighting may look good but does not provide nearly enough security, so invest in excellent outdoor security lighting. Outdoor security lighting not only improves the look of your house but also allows you to see your property clearly even at night reducing security risks.
Three types of outdoor lighting to improve security
To improve your home’s security install one of the three types of outdoor lighting mentioned here:
• All night lighting provides light for your entire property all the time when the sun sets deterring intruders and criminals from targeting your home. Although it is the most preferred form of outdoor lighting, it does increase energy bills, which can be offset using solar panels. You also don’t have to worry about turning the lights on and off as a photocell controller takes care of that.
• Motion activated lighting system turns on the lights on a property when its sensors sense something passing by. Such a system does not use up a lot of energy and does not blind the neighbors but can still scare away intruders with the shock factor. 
• Hi-low combination lighting stays dim all through the night, except when it detects motion and immediately brightens up. 
Why invest in outdoor lighting
Well-lit properties allow you to see every pathway, stairwell and corner clearly. Intruders and criminals also prefer to stay away from homes that are well lit at night, as they do not have the cover of dark.