Electrical Repairs

Are you putting off that long overdue electrical repair?
Don’t put it off any longer as you could become one of the frightening statistics that lose everything in a catastrophic house fire. According to the United States Fire Administration, “during a typical year, home electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths and $868 million in property losses. And home electrical wiring causes TWICE as many fires as electrical appliances.”

Expect Professional Repairs from Our Electricians

When it comes to fixing electrical repairs, you don’t want to mess around. Make sure that you get a licensed Sacramento CA electrician who guarantees that their work will be done right. Here at AAA Electrical Services, we’re licensed electricians and have all of our team trained and certified so you never have to worry if your electrical repair was done right.

Don’t Let Your Electrical Problems Create a Fire

Sacramento Electrical RepairsWe’ll provide you upfront pricing and will come to your home on schedule and with thousands of parts in our mobile warehouse so we can get your electrical repair problems fixed quickly and correctly.

We do a wide range of electrical repairs such as fixing:

Give us a call so we can get your electrical repairs fixed promptly and done right.

Our electricians offer a variety of electrical services to ensure that all the electrical appliances in your Sacramento home are functioning to their maximum potential. When there is a problem with electrical appliances or cables, many homeowners in Sacramento look to fix the issues by themselves. Handling electrical equipment is not everyone’s cup of tea, things can go terribly wrong if an individual with little or no experience fixing electrical equipment. A licensed electrician will be able to attend to any electrical unit as he has the experience and expertise to offer effective solutions.

Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Electrician Over a Handyman

An electrical repair is something that both handymen and licensed electricians can undertake. A licensed electrician will offer guarantee on his work and you can be assured that the quality of the work will also be better. Licensed electricians are more experienced than handymen. They are also specially trained in a wide variety of electrical services that handymen may not be able to offer.

What Type of Electrical Repairs Do Our Sacramento Electricians Perform?

Sacramento Electrical ServicesA licensed electrician has the ability to install and repair a host of electrical appliances. He can also advice you on the right way to layout your electrical system so that there is no risk of damage to life or property. The structuring of wires and cables requires special skill – the kind that licensed electricians possess. They can also undertake electrical maintenance and servicing to revamp your home’s lighting. They can change the internal as well as external lighting in your home in addition to handling issues involving power outlets and wiring. Not only can they undertake the complete installation of wiring in your home, but also repair equipment such as microwaves, refrigerators, television sets, computers, switchboards, and so on.