Do you have an electrical outlet that has stopped working or has “burn” marks around the receptacle? Or, did you just buy a new TV or appliance and need to add or move a new outlet?

Outlet Repair & Replacement

Sacramento Electrical Outlet Repair & ReplacementAlthough electrical outlets can be relatively easy to replace, often times, an electrical outlet that isn’t working properly is a sign of a larger electrical problem, so you always need to investigate. According to the United States Fire Administration, “during a typical year, home electrical problems account for 67,800 fires, 485 deaths and $868 million in property losses. And home electrical wiring causes TWICE as many fires as electrical appliances.” So, don’t ignore an electrical problem as it could be putting your family at risk.

Whatever you need done, we can help repair or install your Sacramento CA electrical outlets quickly and correctly.

Modernize Your Sacramento Area Home By Adding Additional Electric Outlets

electric service and repairWhen you first move into a new home it is wonderful but somethings can be tough to get used to. For example many older homes in the Sacramento area do not have as many wiring outlets as you may want. As we continue to add more and more electrical appliances it may become necessary to install outlets to other parts of your house to make sure that you have the correct amount of power available at any given time. Simply plugging in a power strip and plugging everything into one line can easily blow a fuse in your home.

Making sure that you have wiring outlets available in every section of your home is an important part of preparing your home. This gives you ample outlets for any home entertainment, lighting, or even extra refrigerators. There have been many different times that we have been able to help home owners by installing additional outlets in their homes. We once helped a homeowner in Fair Oaks, CA by having one of our electricians install multiple wiring outlets in each room. Another time we did the same for a Carmichael, CA homeowner. Make sure that you have an electrician install outlets so it is done safely and up to code.

If you have any questions about locations for electrical outlets feel free to ask us. As we work with each new Sacramento homeowner we try our best to make sure that they have access to everything that is necessary to meet their needs. We know that we can do the same for you, so if you have any issues with lack of outlets in your Sacramento area home, feel free to call us and we will help you out.

At some point most homes will need to add or update their electrical outlets depending on the design requirements of new rooms or the addition of the electrical gadgets/appliances that will be used. You may need to increase the number of electric outlets in a particular section of the house if new electrical equipment like HVAC, washing machine or wall mounted televisions are likely to be installed in that area. Before carrying out an electrical upgrade of your Sacramento house, you should have a detailed electrical inspection performed by an experienced electrical company like AAA Electrical Services to be sure everything is safe and up to code.

The convenience of an electrical upgrade

If you live in a Sacramento home that is a few decades old it is likely that you have older outlets. If you have children you may prefer to have the more modern safety outlets. Old homes also typically have low capacity electrical service panels, which may not be appropriate if new high power devices are used. For example our electricians helped a Sacramento family that wanted to have two new flat screen televisions installed in their new home theater. By planning the layout of new electrical outlets and wiring, the family was able to attach flat screen TVs to several areas without having unsightly long television wires and cords running across the room. The wiring and electrical outlets related to them are neatly installed and are strategically placed to keep wiring out of sight.

Our Electricians Have Guided Sacramento Residents for Years

AAA Electrical services is known for its customized attention to the unique details important to each client.Our electricians try all means to fulfill customers’ requests without compromising on safety and government regulation. When another one of our Sacramento clients wanted to install new outlets in the kitchen and AAA Electrical Services was called for advice, they suggested slight changes in location from suggestions given by house owner. This was done to create options for future additions as well as a better flow when appliances were to be added. New electrical outlets were installed in the kitchen and additional circuit breaker was placed in the main electric control box to manage extra load of the new equipment. This electrical upgrade helped the client to upgrade the kitchen with minimal expenditure and change the electric wiring of the home.

When you give us a call, we’ll provide you upfront pricing before we start work and will arrive to your home on time and in uniform. Plus, we come with thousands of parts in our mobile truck warehouse so we can be sure to get your electrical job done quickly and affordably.