Sacramento Electrical Code Violations

Preventing Violation of Sacramento Electrical Code

The National Electrical Code book is almost 1,500 pages long and gives a detailed description of the many dangers that comes with electrical work. It is no wonder that ONLY a licensed Sacramento area electrician should do any kind of electrical work on your home. Property owners must get the necessary permits to complete home and commercial improvement projects and licensed electrical inspectors do the inspections as needed. Our Electricians and personnel can coordinate all permits for work in Sacramento and surrounding suburbs to make sure everything is done to proper electrical code and safety standards. Call AAA Electrical Services for correcting electrical code violations and honest pricing. We are open from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening 7 days a week.

Short list of Electrical Code Violations

At AAA Electrical Services, our experienced and licensed electricians can repair the following (but not limited to) violations:

  • Non-posting of Permit and Address
  • Multiple neutral conductors for a terminal in the panel
  • Ungrounded White conductors not clearly re-identified when utilized
  • Light switch at every floor level of the interior stairways present within six risers. Applicable for more rising buildings too
  • Overfilling of light boxes
  • If concrete encased electrodes are present, it should be utilized as a grounding electrode
  • Non-grounded metal boxes

Correcting Violations of Sacramento Electrical Code

Our electricians have the knowledge and the skills to rectify all kinds of electrical code violations. Whether your property is in Sacramento or in a surrounding area we can make sure everything is done to the proper electrical code. For example, we had a client from Fair Oaks CA whose home lacked proper electrical wiring. We solved all problems in a jiffy so that the family could safely move into their new home. Another homeowner purchased a fixer upper in Carmichael CA that had an electrical panel that needed to be installed and we made sure everything was done properly taking care of all electrical codes and safety standards. Call us today for correcting your electrical code violations.