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Electrical Panel Services in Roseville, CA

New appliances need more power. AAA Electrical Services can upgrade the power in your Roseville, CA, area home so that you can enjoy the latest conveniences and reduce the risk of an electrical fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), U.S. fire departments respond to an estimated average of 343,100 home structure fires per year. These fires cause an annual average of 2,600 civilian deaths, 11,000 civilian fire injuries, and $7.6 billion in direct property damage.

And home electrical wiring causes TWICE as many fires as electrical appliances.

If you need a panel installation, repair, or replacement, work with our reliable electricians at AAA Electrical Services. Our dedicated team will work quickly to equip your home with a dependable new panel or get your existing one to work like new.

Through our routine electrical safety inspections, we can then keep your panel and entire electrical setup working right for many years. Request an estimate today for a free consultation.

Electrical Panel Installation and Replacement

There are many telltale signs that you need a new electrical panel. Remember, a defective panel is a fire hazard—call our AAA Electrical Services professionals right away if you suspect a problem. Here are some common symptoms: 

  • Overheating or Scorching
    Is there a burning smell coming from your panel or outlets? Notice any signs of scorching? Your electrical system may be overheating or the wires may be melting. A burning smell could indicate a serious problem. Contact our electricians right away.
  • Rusty Panel
    Water and electricity don’t mix well. If there’s rust, water could be leaking onto your panel. Any water inside your panel box can cause circuit breaker issues and pose a safety hazard. Be sure to call our licensed professionals to replace the panel.
  • Breakers Keep Tripping
    Do your breakers trip a lot, particularly when you run appliances that require more electricity, such as your air conditioner, heat pump, washing machine, or dryer? This could indicate that you have an outdated panel that can’t keep up with your electrical needs. Alternatively, it may be undersized. The standard panel size for most modern homes is 200 amps. Larger homes may require a 400 amp panel.
  • Flickering Lights
    Lights that flicker constantly can be a sign of an electrical panel problem. If the issue is house-wide and occurs rain or shine, have our AAA Electrical Services electricians check it out immediately.
  • Irregular Noises
    Some noise is to be expected—a steady “hum” indicates a healthy breaker box. However, any crackling, hisses, or pops are a cause for concern. It means electricity is making contact with something that it’s not supposed to and causing damage. This could also indicate loose or frayed wiring.

Should I upgrade my home’s electrical system?

As your home shifts toward more electric appliances, you want to be sure you have enough power to handle the demand. Otherwise, you risk damage to your equipment and a possible fire hazard.

Many older homes have panels that can handle a maximum of 60 to 110 amps while newer homes are equipped to handle 200 amps or more.

Are fuse boxes safe? 

In the 1960s, builders stopped installing fuse boxes in homes. You should upgrade to a circuit breaker if your residence still has one. Fuse boxes aren’t designed to handle modern energy requirements.

Circuit breakers are much safer—whenever there’s an overcurrent or short, they automatically cut off the current. This protects you from electric shock, your equipment from getting damaged, and your home from the risk of an electrical fire.

Electrical Panel Repair

Do you detect a problem with your electrical service? Fix your electrical panel problems sooner rather than later so that you can keep your Sacramento home safe from unexpected dangers.

Be on the lookout for some of the most common signs of problems. Some of the signs you may experience include the following:

  • Your lights flicker or dim.
  • Your circuit breaker flips regularly.
  • Your panel feels warm to the touch.

Electrical Panel Maintenance

Don't be one of those individuals who suffer a horrible loss because they neglected to fix an electrical problem. Electrical panel problems are serious and need the immediate attention of a licensed electrician.

We're licensed and have a team of certified electricians, so you can always count on our electrical work.

We offer convenient financing options and a customized Service Partner Maintenance Agreement to help you create a healthy home for yourself and your loved ones.

If you're worried about how much it will cost, we'll provide you upfront pricing so you'll know how much it will cost before we start installing your electrical panel.

Call us today, so you'll never become one of the frightening statistics that experience a catastrophic house fire and lose everything.

Call the Top Electrical Company in Roseville, CA,Today

AAA Electrical Services has a team of licensed electricians ready to upgrade the panel in your Roseville, CA, area home. Call us at 916-972-7515 or request service online.


“AAA electrical services provided an excellent service at my home. The technicians are knowledgeable and professional. They performed the task in a timely manner and guided me through the process of the insurance claim. I am very satisfied with this company; it’s good to know that I finally found good electricians that I can count on in case of future issues.”
- Mariamelia B.

“Jason Bianchi was superb in explaining to us the work needed to bring our electrical up to code.

Jason was very helpful and patient to our questions! Customer service from other techs that also assisted great!

I recommend AAA Electric Service to anyone needing assistance with their electricity system!”

- Rebecca O.

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“AAA Electrical Services helped me when I was in a pinch. After the latest storm, my electrical house panel had a fire and I lost electricity. AAA Electrical was quick to respond and also sent an electrician out the same day to make the repair. Alex, the electrician, was professional and repaired my panel quickly. I can’t say enough about Alex and the team at AAA Electrical Services.”

- Andrew T.

“AAA installed a new sub panel at the opposite site of my house from the main panel. It was expensive but they got it done quickly and efficiently. They addressed every concern I had and connected some circuits at no additional cost. I had one issue with an inoperable circuit and they came back to correct it immediately.”

- Jim E.

“Excellent job by Alex and his assistants
They were very professional , friendly and informative about the process
We are very pleased with their service and representation of AAA Electrical Services”

- Martha P.