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Smoke & CO Detector Installations In Sacramento

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Smoke co2 detector combo

Want to protect your Sacramento family from the dangers of smoke or carbon monoxide? Then you should call for our smoke and CO detector installations. Our reliable electricians provide top-quality services that will allow you to enjoy the most reliable smoke and CO detectors so your loved ones can remain as safe as possible.

Although having wired smoke detectors is part of the building code in all new homes, almost all older homes don't have wired smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to protect them. Unfortunately, many people forget to install battery-operated units or never change the batteries so they fail to work when you really need them. To be sure yours always work reliably, call our Sacramento electricians for your smoke and CO detector installations.


By installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors you not only help better protect your family, but you also add a valuable security feature to your home. Plus, with wired units, you can also have these units monitored as part of your alarm system to give you even more added protection.

Sadly "every 77 seconds a fire department responds to a residential fire" according to the National Fire Protection Association, and about every 135 minutes someone dies in a fire. Don't be someone who suffers from a catastrophic house fire; make sure your family is protected by having properly installed smoke detectors. With our smoke and CO detectors combined with routine electrical safety inspections, you can avoid these dangers and stay as safe as possible.

We Install Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Detectors In Homes And Businesses

If you need smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed in your home, then we can help. We'll give you upfront pricing so you know what it's going to cost beforehand and we'll get your detectors installed correctly; guaranteed. All of our electricians are trained, certified and arrive at your house on time and in uniforms to give you the very best service.

If you're looking for a professional electrician for smoke & CO installation in the Sacramento area, then call AAA Electrical Services today at 916-972-7515 or complete our online request form.