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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Repairs

Is your Roseville, CA, area smoke alarm chirping?

When a smoke detector makes a chirping sound—or a very short beep—that means there is an issue. A simple battery change might fix the problem, but if that doesn’t work, call AAA Electrical Services.

Our licensed California electricians specialize in residential and commercial electrical repairs. We only hire professional problem-solvers who will do things the right way, with minimal impact on your property.

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Smoke Detector Repairs in Roseville, CA

AAA Electrical Services promises to be there when you need us, offering electrical repair services. We warranty all parts for an entire year and guarantee all labor for life.

Here are some common issues you might encounter with your smoke detector or carbon monoxide (CO) alarm:

  • Your alarm could be dirty.
    Dust, dirt—even insects—can make their way into your alarm and cause it to trigger falsely. Look on the back to see if the manufacturer recommends a specific cleaning method. If not, go over it gently with a vacuum nozzle.
  • Your alarm is chirping.
    A chirping sound is a warning bell. It usually means the battery is dying—or it could be a sign that your alarm is due for replacement. Smoke alarms typically should be replaced every 10 years.
  • Moisture is setting off your alarm.
    We recommend keeping your alarms at least three feet away from the bathroom. It is possible for steam from a shower to set off your alarm. Along those same lines, an alarm installed near a stove or oven is more like to trigger. Keep the alarms away from your appliances.
  • You have a loose wire.
    A hardwired alarm system with backup batteries will beep if there is a loose wire. You can remove the alarm from the bracket to see if you notice a visibly loose wire. AAA Electrical Services will be there promptly to fix the problem.
  • You have a broken circuit.
    Check your electrical panel to ensure all your circuits are drawing power.

Not sure what is setting off your smoke or CO alarm? Call AAA Electrical Services. We can quickly troubleshoot the problem to ensure all your alarms work correctly.

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