I had sent an email earlier but I haven’t heard back from you. My review is as follows

Alex was great but I’ve a problem with your company policy. Alex shared with me the three options I’ve to get the repairs done. I chose the one with $500+ and signed the form. Then we found out that the only issue was one of my G5 was triggered. This was in a plug that I wasn’t aware of else I would have toggled it myself. Alex was kind enough to change the plug but all and all for just one G5 reset and a plug change which I don’t think was required I paid $700+. This is too much for any repair service. I paid the amount as agreed but unfortunately I’ll never suggest or use your service again. Frankly I had so many repairmen for all purposes come to my place and once they found the issue was minor they adjusted the pricing. This much payment got getting a service done for under an hour hasn’t settled well with me. Thanks. Ajay”

– Ajay R.