Whole-House Generators

Whole House Generator.
Whole House Generator.

Whole-House Generators

When a power outage hits your area, whole-house generators can help your Sacramento, CA, area home.

AAA Electrical Services has a team of licensed electricians to install, service, repair, and maintain whole-house generators in your area. Our Sacramento electricians will find the best solutions for your household.

We can combine solar, low-voltage wiring, automation, and whole-house climate adjustments to ensure you get the right generator for your home. Request an estimate today for a free consultation.

How Do Whole-House Generators Operate? 

Also known as standby generators, these outdoor units convert energy into electricity. A well-maintained generator can power your home for days on end.

Most of the year, the unit is in standby mode. Occasionally, it will perform a brief self-test—or safety measure to ensure it still operates smoothly.

If an outage happens, the unit kicks right into gear. When its sensors detect a disruption in the electrical current, the automatic transfer switch (ATS) disconnects your home from the utility line and lets the generator take over. Once your power company has fixed the issue, the ATS reconnects.

Peace of Mind for Your Sacramento Home

When harsh weather or something equally as uncontrollable strikes, you could find yourself without power and at the mercy of other people to get that power back.

For those who rely on medical devices, the problem is decidedly more severe. If you or a member of your household relies on such a device, you'll want to take steps to ensure you are always in control of your electricity.

We'll look through all the whole-house generators available and install it to ensure your home maintains working electricity through any calamity.

Dependable Generator Work from Our Electricians

Many higher-end generators are challenging to install and maintain, meaning this job is not something you could reasonably expect to handle yourself.

Leave the job to our experienced team of electricians. We have the experience, the know-how, and the resources to get your new generator installed and worked on quickly and dependably.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a generator. We can further ensure that your California home's electrical setup is dependable through our electrical panel upgrades and other services.

Call us today if you need the kind of work that an exceptional electrician can provide.

Whole-House Generator Installations and Replacements

If you’re new to generators—worry not. We keep the process simple and transparent so that you’re satisfied with the result. First-time installations take a bit longer than replacements. Your crew must install a permanent pad outside your home for the box to sit on—it must be fully dry before we can start. Call today for a free estimate.

Are you planning to replace your generator with a newer model? We’re ready to assist. We can help you upgrade to the newest and most efficient unit, tailored to your home’s electrical needs. Get in touch with us today to begin browsing options.

We can install a new generator or replace your current one. Plus, we offer budget-friendly financing plans that allow you to pay as you go.

Whole-House Generator Repair

Call AAA Electrical Services if you’re experiencing any issues with your generator, including:

  • A repeatedly tripped breaker
  • Battery problems
  • Gas leaks

Sometimes, your backup power supply needs a backup crew to keep it going. We’re available to help you in any way we can.

Whole-House Generator Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is an essential part of homeownership. It ensures your home is a safe environment and protects your wallet from excessive utility and repair costs.

Schedule an annual tune-up to ensure your generator works when you need it most. Our licensed technicians will check the following:

  • Inspect for safe fluid levels
  • Check the air cleaner and remove any dust/debris
  • Change out the spark plugs (once every two years)
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Inspect the motor

By joining our Service Partner Maintenance Agreement maintenance program, your home’s electrical equipment will have coverage. You also benefit from priority service, tune-up reminders, discounted repairs, and more.

Install a Whole-House Generator Today

Don’t wait for a sudden power outage to damage expensive electrical equipment in your Sacramento, CA, area home. Contact AAA Electrical Services today to find out more about purchasing a whole-house generator. Call us at 916-972-7515 or request service online.