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AAA Electrical Services - Your Go-To Sacramento Electricians

Home Residential Services

Electrical services in your Sacramento home should be done by a licensed electrician. Whether it's repairs of an appliance, or installation of electrical devices, or maintenance of security systems and other major equipment, a licensed electrician should be the person who deals with those electrical needs.

Electrical repair, upgrades, or tests on electrical systems can be highly complicated, making it essential to contact a licensed electrician in order to ensure that your home is safe and secure. An important thing that a licensed electrician does is perform an inspection of your home and make sure all that your home meets our electrical requirements. Professional electricians will know exactly what to do in any given situation thanks to their experience and expertise.

In case you decide to install other devices or systems that require electricity and wiring, a licensed electrician can carry out the task for you. Also, if the space in your home is not large enough to accommodate a particular electrical system, a licensed electrician can give you advice on what will be the appropriate electrical services for your Sacramento home.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can both keep a room cooled down and prevent your indoor air from getting stale. To continue enjoying these benefits for years and years to come, call for our ceiling fan work when yours begins to function poorly.

Electrical Panels

The electrical panel is the heart of your Sacramento home's electrical setup, so you need to ensure it always works dependably. Our experienced team can keep your panels working their best, no matter what issues they might be experiencing.

Electrical Safety Inspections

If you want to ensure that you and your loved ones remain as safe as can be, you need to ensure that your electrical setup is in good condition. We can help to determine what condition it might be in with our electrical safety inspections.


Of all the residential electrical services you might need, you may find generator services to provide the best peace of mind. With a generator, you can keep your Sacramento home functioning in any weather condition.


It's important to keep both your electronics and, of course, yourself safe from any sudden shocks. A great way to ensure this level of safety is to get GFCIs and AFCIs installed in your home by our experienced team.


Whether you're looking to add new lighting to your home or simply have your current lighting worked on, you can depend on us to get the work done. We'll ensure that you can enjoy the most ideal lighting in your home.

Pool & Spa Wiring

Don't mess around with your pool or spa wiring needs: Doing so could lead to shocks or worse because of proximity to water. Instead, call our Sacramento electricians to handle this job for you.

Phone, TV, & Telecom Wiring

Need wiring for your home's phone, TV, or telecom installations? then give our residential electricians a call today. We'll handle the wiring that is necessary for making these installations usable.

Smoke & CO Detectors

You need to take whatever steps you can to keep you and your loved ones safe and protected. A great way to do that is to call us to install smoke and CO detectors in your home so that you can stay on top of life's unexpected dangers.

Switches & Outlets

When your Sacramento home's switches and outlets don't work properly, its electrical setup won't work properly. If switch and outlet issues are causing this sort of headache, give our electrical pros a call.

Surge Protection

Of all the residential electrical services you can get for your home, surge protection is one of the most overall protective. This installation will help to keep you and your installations safe from getting fried.


Experiencing electrical issues but not sure what's causing those issues? Not sure what steps to take to resolve those issues? Don't simply wonder. Instead, get the answers you need by getting our troubleshooting services.

If you're looking for a professional electrician in the Sacramento area, then call AAA Electrical Services today at 916-972-7515 or complete our online request form.